What is and what should never be

Hey gang!

I try to make Uncle Pumpkin about everything that I think should be heard or that simply isn't represented in today's music. I feel there is a void for this kind of thing that needs to be filled and frankly I'm amazed at how little real, organic, and original rock 'n roll is in the limelight. When I peruse through the dated, terrestrial radio stations I hear the same sounds of overproduced, over processed, overplayed, and over auto-tuned tripe across the board. Now let me be clear: when I take the time to dig through piles of unsigned and fairly unknown bands' material, I always come across some amazing music that I can't believe is not being heard in the mainstream scene. Good bands are definitely out there, it's just so hard to find them now without the trusted filters of the once-trusted and independent DJs from our once-favorite stations.

Many of the tunes on our Goodbye Radio album (our most recent and only full-length album to date) are about these issues; particularly the title cut. Rock 'n roll has always been based upon rebellion, and now that the major labels are losing power rapidly, the power is falling back into the artist's hands once again. We just need new filters to promote these new unknown talents and introduce them to the world.  So let's rise up and start a new music revolution!

So if you like what you hear, please spread the word! The only way independent success works these days is by word-of-mouth. And I'm not just talking about my band. I encourage everyone to promote all their new favorite bands whenever possible so we can create a grass roots network of excellent new music as fresh new offerings to the sterile, played out sounds the major labels are still trying to shove down our throats! There is no reason we have to consume that crap, so let's send a message by ignoring it and opening up a whole new world of new organic sounds. Some of you are old enough to remember bands like the talking heads breaking into the top 40. Those were the days when you could hear a multitude of different styles and sounds altogether on one radio station. Things don't have to be so segregated! If it's good music, who cares what style or 'genre' it is! Music is an art form and should be treated as such once again. Good art can move people of any age or race.

Please share with us all your favorite new bands so we can give them the fame and exposure they all deserve! Who are your latest favorites and how did you come across them?


- uncle Dan

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