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Uncle Pumpkin
Dan Grennes


Written by Dan Grennes

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Andy Gerold

Mastered by Brian Lucey at Music Garden Mastering

Dan Grennes: Vocals, bass, guitar

Andy Gerold: Guitars, drums



Big city
Old school and all used up
It's so used up
Was cool but now it's not
Just check your watch

Get on your custom bike
And ride with me
Across the bridge into
The indie scene

Let's move to Williamsburg
to join our race
Let's go to Williamsburg
To claim some space
Manhattan island's so last week
It's time we turned the other cheek
And move to Williamsburg today

So corporate
No room to call our own
It's not our own
Pads we had
Have expiration dates
We cannot stay

Just pack up some ironic coffee mugs
Fire up your Vespa
Grab your Pure-bred Pug

Take the rough and
Morph it into cool
Build it up but
When it's done
It's ruined
That's when we're moving

Good money is in my bank account
Yet I dress down

Will once be done just like
The Hindenburg
But just for now
We're going to Williamsburg
Because for now...
It's our new place