1. Computer Room

From the recording Computer Room

Dan Grennes:  Vocals, guitar, bass
Michael Aarons:  guitar
Alan Childs:  drums
Music and lyrics by Dan Grennes
Produced by Dan Grennes
Engineered by Dan Grennes and Jason Froberg
Mixed by J.R. McNeely
Mastered by Brad Blackwood
Drums recorded at Desert Moon Studio in Las Vegas, NV


The ComputerRoom
It doesn't matter if you can't play guitar
Doesn't matter if you can't sing in tune
All you need is a pretty face
We'll do the rest in the computerroom
We'll autotune your vocals
Till you don't sound human
Take someone else's drum tracks
And crush out all the groovin
Till they're ruined
Don't take no music lessons
Don't practice scales
Learning an instrument just
Takes too much time so don't prevail
Sexy computer voices
blow little minds
Forget the soulful vibe it's
Just not divine
Human elements you speak of are so overrated
Shoot your voice through here and let me decontaminate it
Degrade it