Uncle Pumpkin bio

Dan Grennes’ love for music started at a very early age when he nearly pulled his parents’ record player down on top of himself trying get to the source.  Fast forwarding through graduating from Berklee College of music, winning an American Music Award, and cutting his teeth in the NYC scene,  Dan was originally lured to the desert sands of Las Vegas to play bass in the musical Rock Of Ages. 

The band’s sound is familiar, yet unique in it’s own way.  If you took the offspring of the Beatles and mated them with 70's mod artists Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, and XTC while fuzzing out the guitars you begin to reach the essence. 

As a band of seasoned musicians, Uncle Pumpkin strives to drive catchy hooks into your brain while organically beating a strong groove into your feet. No ‘autotune’ type gimmickry allowed here! 

Dan’s lyrics are honest, ironic, and sometimes abstract and funny.  Their primal songs have rocked and grooved their way through their debut E.P. “School Daze”, the full length album “Goodbye Radio”, singles "Computer Room", "Williamsburg", and now the upcoming E.P. “Underwhelmed”.  Side effects may include nodding, singing while driving, and the dangerous condition of being ‘more than happy’.