1. Goodbye Radio

From the recording Goodbye Radio


Goodbye RadioTransmitting from the southern regionWarming hearts through bitter seasonsTransistors red hotPushing the speakers that pump the rock andAre you alive or on recording Through someone’s corporate reportingYour mouth is on a shelfFeeding on words left by someone else andNow Big Brother Is Watching the ShowGoodbye To My RadioWhat a shame, the machine took your life for the status quoGoodbye To My RadioWhat a shame, now the suits took your soul to a death belowGoodbye Radio, Goodbye RadioNow you’ve become so regulatedPredictable and overratedAnd you’re becoming prone To speaking in words that are not your own andYou used to be so celebratedBut now your suits are getting datedAnd now the kids are gonna trade itFor Limewire..(CH)Nothing to do with your heart at allNothing to do with your soulNothing to chose from your endless vaultsNothing to dedicate, nothing to celebrate