1. Williamsburg

From the recording Underwhelmed

Written by Dan Grennes
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Andy Gerold
Mastered by Brian Lucey at Music Garden Mastering
Dan Grennes: Vocals, bass, guitar
Andy Gerold: Guitars, drums


WilliamsburgBig cityOld school and all used upIt's so used upL-E-SWas cool but now it's notJust check your watchGet on your custom bikeAnd ride with meAcross the bridge intoThe indie sceneLet's move to Williamsburgto join our raceLet's go to WilliamsburgTo claim some spaceManhattan island's so last weekIt's time we turned the other cheekAnd move to Williamsburg todaySo corporateNo room to call our ownIt's not our ownPads we hadHave expiration datesWe cannot stayJust pack up some ironic coffee mugsFire up your VespaGrab your Pure-bred PugTake the rough andMorph it into coolBuild it up butWhen it's doneIt's ruinedThat's when we're movingGood money is in my bank accountYet I dress downWill once be done just likeThe HindenburgBut just for nowWe're going to WilliamsburgBecause for now...It's our new place